The History of Luminous Neon

Nearly 90 years of experience in fabrication, installation and sign services

Luminous Neon Wholesale Sign Company was established by Bob McBride in 1928 in Kansas City, MO, at the height of neon’s introduction to the United States. The company fabricated and sold signs over a six-state area.

In 1939 the company moved to Hutchinson, KS, and changed its name to Luminous Neon. Activities were concentrated primarily in Hutchinson and Western Kansas. The partnership of Luminous Neon was dissolved in 1961. Luminous Neon, Inc. purchased the company’s assets from Bob McBride and Walt McBride was elected President.

In 1963 Luminous Neon, Inc. purchased Coltron Signs of Dodge City, KS. With the purchase, the company established a permanent shop in Western Kansas. Several other acquisitions expanded the company’s outdoor advertising division.

In January 1970, Walt McBride retired. The company’s stockholders elected Mert Sellers, Secretary-Treasurer at the time, President.

The company continued to expand throughout the eighties and nineties. It opened sales and service offices in Salina, KS, and Topeka, KS, in 1983 and 1986, respectively. To broaden its presence in Eastern Kansas the company acquired Kansas City-based Sign Systems in 1994 and Lawrence-based Art & Sign Inc. in 1999.

The company now has six locations, serving customers throughout the Midwest and the United States.

In December 1999, the company began using the trade name Luminous Neon Art & Sign Systems, combining three well-established companies.

The company’s stability and continuity can be attributed to Mert Sellers. He began his career with Luminous Neon in 1960 and has been continually involved with the company ever since. He remains active in the company’s current operations and is involved in a number of local and regional philanthropic activities as well.

Luminous Neon, Inc. has nearly 90 years of experience in fabrication, installation and service of all types of signs for all types of customers. Its 80 employees consist of talented designers, superior craftspeople, experienced technicians, dedicated marketing representatives and a support staff who provide… 

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For nearly 90 years, we’ve maintained a fanatical emphasis on customer satisfaction. Although the sign industry has changed over the years, focusing on customer satisfaction has remained our priority.