Famous Dodge City mural reproduced

A well-known prairie art installation by Kansas artist Stan Herd was falling into disrepair, so National Beef partnered with Luminous and others on a grand reproduction

After more than 30 years, a beloved outdoor mural in Dodge City was beginning to fail. Hand-painted by Kansas artist Stan Herd in the early 1980s, three decades of south-facing exposure created detectable fading and the plywood substrate was crumbling away. Knowing touch-ups could only do so much, National Beef assumed responsibility for reproducing this iconic work and retaining its position on the exterior of its Dodge City processing plant.

Aerial video of the installation. Scroll down for project photos.

National Beef, a longtime Luminous customer, engaged Nathan Haskell, senior account manager, to discuss the project.

Luminous carefully removed the old plywood panels, numbered them and prepared them for shipment to National Beef’s corporate office in Kansas City. After the panels were professionally photographed and retouched by Queue Marketing Communications Group, Luminous worked with the resulting files and partnered with Independent’s Service Co. to print the art with a special UV coating on vinyl material. Large sections of the mural were installed on a banner grip frame system from Alpina.

The entire project was installed in only two days by an experienced crew of five from Luminous. The frame system was installed on day one. On the second day, each section of the 270′ face was installed — six inches at a time — by the team from Luminous. Our sign installation experts used industrial-grade velcro at each seam and a one-inch hem along the perimeter for added strength.

The results honor Stan Herd’s original work and underscore National Beef’s community role as a leading employer.

For more information about this large format exterior graphics project or other Luminous capabilities, contact Nathan Haskell, senior account manager, at 620-227-2307.


Nathan Haskell, Senior Account Manager

As wide as the prairie itself

At 270 ft. wide and 9′ 6″ tall, this 2,565 sq. ft. installation helps beautify the workplace and helps National Beef solidify its place as a Dodge City landmark.

Stan Herd’s work lives on

With the original, hand-painted mural beginning to fade and fail, this reproduction ensures the Kansas artist’s work will endure.

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